Art & Healing Gathering:

Feminist Peace Initiatives: Art & Healing gathering in Indonesia
Eine Gruppe Workshopteilnehmer:innen sitzt im Kreis am Boden um eine Vase mit Blumen.

Exposing and fighting against forms of oppression takes a lot of strength and reflection. This kind of work often involves disappointment and insecurity. A two-day retreat in October 2023 brought together feminist activists from many provinces in Indonesia. The aim was to create a safe space where the women could process their past, their anger, trauma, emotions, confusion or other disappointments in a gentle and positive way – through art, psychological support and a network of feminists who are facing similar repression and difficulties. The activists left this retreat strengthened and with new energy for future activities.

Our Indonesian partners organised the Art & Healing Gathering as part of the Woke Asia Feminist International Network and supported by Artsforwomen Indonesia.

Photographer: Hanne Ara