Feminist Peace Initiatives: Podcast: Feminist Perspectives on the Democracy in Brazil

In four podcast episodes, our partner organization Associação Mulheres pela Paz highlights feminist perspectives on democracy in Brazil. They report on the polarized Brazilian society and on the setbacks of the last four years during a conservative, sexist and misogynistic government. But they also describe promising changes and a climate in which women’s rights are increasingly strengthened again. For example in the beginning of 2023, the Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, repealed measures by the Bolsonaro government that made legal abortion more difficult in the case of rape.

In addition to the podcasts, Associação Mulheres pela Paz organized a participatory two-day online workshop and a networking meeting in São Paulo is planned in the fall of 2023. Feminist activists from across Brazil discuss around the themes of the podcast and share ideas and concrete projects on how the feminist agenda can continue to gain influence in Brazilian politics.

Associação Mulheres pela Paz is a civil society organization that fights for a peaceful, democratic and diverse Brazil by adopting a feminist intersectional approach.

The podcast episodes are available in Portuguese and English.