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Podcast: Feminism and Development

In this podcast, our programme manager Andrea Filippi talks to the Oxford Society for International Development about our work for genuine peace and gender justice. With a particular focus on our work with our partners in Colombia, Ukraine and Palestine, she describes how we support women to become active participants in peace processes, thereby helping to shape sustainable peace.
The OxSID is a student-run organisation founded in 2017.
The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and on the OxSID website.

Peace work in Ukraine

Even before the Russian war of aggression, women in eastern Ukraine were barely heard, their needs and concerns ignored. Our pilot programme, launched in 2021, opened the space for women to discuss issues and formulate demands that would make their everyday lives safer. We are picking up where we left off with the new Women's Platform for Peace.

Ukraine: for a gender-sensitive reconstruction

Our work with women in eastern Ukraine has shown even before the war escalated on 24 February 2022: Violence against women is a military tactic is, writes our programme manager Annemarie Sancar in the latest issue of à propos. Women's experiences must be part of the process of dealing with war crimes.

"If we stop, they lose hope"

Contributions by and with Olga Karatch

In an interview with Swiss newspapers the Belarusian peace activist Olga Karatch expresses her concern that her country could enter the war against Ukraine. In an article for our magazine, she writes about the impact of increasingly toxic masculinity on men and women in the region. She was a guest at events we held in Bern.

Common paths to peace

Newsletter 2/2023

Common paths to peace: this could be the title of this print newsletter. Because the women from Colombia and Ukraine featured in this issue are on these paths – even though war is still raging in Ukraine and a peace agreement has been in force in Colombia since 2016.