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Newsletter 2/2023

Ukraine, Colombia, FCP magazine 2

Common paths to peace: this could be the title of this print newsletter. Because the women from Colombia and Ukraine featured in this issue are on these paths – even though war is still raging in Ukraine and a peace agreement has been in force in Colombia since 2016.

No truth-seeking without the voices of women

Focus: Colombia

The Colombian Truth Commission has carried out exemplary work. Women, marginalised groups and the diaspora were actively involved in the process of finding the truth and coming to terms with the history of the armed conflict. The commission’s mandate has ended, but the peace work continues.

An inclusive approach to the legacy of conflict

In the webinar "Memory and Transformation", experts and participants addressed the legacy of conflict-related violence and injustice. In particular, the webinar explored which voices and experiences are excluded when dealing with this legacy, which still resonates today, and what the consequences of this exclusion are. The recording of the webinar is now available.

Transregional learning exchange

Moments of recognition and understanding emerged during the exchange between peace activists from Colombia and the Philippines. Our programme officers Andrea Filippi and Karin Widmer were there.

Shared pain and shared demands in Nepal

Intergenerational Women's Peace Table

Despite the peace agreement, there can be little talk of peace in Nepal. The incomplete implementation of the agreement has intergenerational consequences for those affected by the conflict. At a Women's Peace Table, two generations shared their stories and presented their demands to the government. Our colleagues Camille Bernheim and Karin Widmer were there.