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Newsletter 1/2024

Peace processes – Nepal – Network meeting

In this special edition of our newsletter, you can find out which stages peace processes go through and where and how women exert influence in order to drive peace processes and prevent setbacks. We have added an extra, detachable double page so that you can use the graphic illustration of peace processes and the accompanying text yourself. You will also find out how our partner in Nepal is helping to ensure that the generations affected by war are heard and recognised as victims of war violence through intergenerational Women's Peace Tables. The meeting with peace activists from our Feminists Connecting for Peace network, which took place in Bern at the beginning of the year, is another focus of our newsletter.

Women in Ukraine: "Make demands for life"

2. anniversary of Russia's attack

In an interview with our Ukrainian programme coordinator Olena Zinenko, she recalls the first days and months after the Russian attack on 24 February 2022 and talks about the path she has travelled since then. She also explains why women must be the driving force behind a future-oriented "life agenda" in Ukraine.

New Board members

We are delighted to welcome three committed and experienced women to our Board.

An important force for feminist peace work

Farewell from the International Board

Margo Okazawa-Rey stepped down from the International Board at the end of March. Our President Ruth-Gaby Vermot thanks her long-time ally for her significant support.