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Fundraiser and Programme Assistant

Job vacancies

Would you like to join us in shaping feminist peace work and make a difference for women in peace processes? Then join our commited team in Bern as our new Fundraiser or Programme Assistant.

Application deadlines: 4 June 2023 and 25 June 2023 respectively

"If we stop, they lose hope"

Contributions by and with Olga Karatch

In an interview with Swiss newspapers the Belarusian peace activist Olga Karatch expresses her concern that her country could enter the war against Ukraine. In an article for our magazine, she writes about the impact of increasingly toxic masculinity on men and women in the region. She was a guest at events we held in Bern.

Common paths to peace

Newsletter 2/2023

Common paths to peace: this could be the title of this print newsletter. Because the women from Colombia and Ukraine featured in this issue are on these paths – even though war is still raging in Ukraine and a peace agreement has been in force in Colombia since 2016.

Women's influence on peace processes

New instrument

What images does the word "peace process" conjure up for you? Do you probably imagine years of negotiations, a ceremony at which the parties to the conflict sign an agreement and shake hands? We have deconstructed this common image and taken an in-depth look at the question: "How do women influence peace processes?" The result is a graphic representation of the different stages of peace processes. With this tool, we put the role of women centre stage and show where they exert influence to drive peace processes and prevent setbacks.