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Podcast: Feminism and Development

In this podcast, our programme manager Andrea Filippi talks to the Oxford Society for International Development about our work for genuine peace and gender justice. With a particular focus on our work with our partners in Colombia, Ukraine and Palestine, she describes how we support women to become active participants in peace processes, thereby helping to shape sustainable peace.
The OxSID is a student-run organisation founded in 2017.
The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and on the OxSID website.

New: "Feminists Connecting for Peace" magazine

1. edition of the network magazine

The first issue is out! Read articles on the topic of "demilitarisation" by members of our network Feminists Connecting for Peace, among others from Guam, Indonesia, Ukraine and Kosovo.

Annual Report 2022

In the Annual Report 2022, you will learn everything important about our work in the past year - and why feminist visions of peace were put to a tough test.

An inclusive approach to the legacy of conflict

In the webinar "Memory and Transformation", experts and participants addressed the legacy of conflict-related violence and injustice. In particular, the webinar explored which voices and experiences are excluded when dealing with this legacy, which still resonates today, and what the consequences of this exclusion are. The recording of the webinar is now available.

Transregional learning exchange

Moments of recognition and understanding emerged during the exchange between peace activists from Colombia and the Philippines. Our programme officers Andrea Filippi and Karin Widmer were there.