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Through our programmes, we are committing to a peaceful, safe and gender-just world for all. Together with our project partners in countries affected by war and conflict, we advocate for the active participation of women in peace processes. We support the participation and political engagement of women, marginalised groups and civil society organisations in peacebuilding. Our programmes and projects emerge from our worldwide network of women peace activists and are oriented towards their needs and circumstances on the ground.

De-escalate the violence in Israel and Gaza


We are horrified by the recent escalation of violence in Israel and Gaza and appalled by the loss of life. We condemn the violent attack by Hamas against the Israeli civilian population in the strongest terms. We also, decidedly, condemn the violence used by Israeli Forces against the Palestinian civilian population. Together with civil society and peace organisations in Israel and Palestine, we call upon all decision-makers there to respect International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and human rights and to protect the civilian populations through all available means. This includes, among others, an immediate end to Hamas’ hostage-taking of civilians and to the blockade of Gaza imposed by the Israeli government, cutting the population off, especially from access to water, food, electricity and fuel.

Invest in comprehensive security for all

Focus: Demilitarisation

Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, there have been calls for rearmament and higher military spending. As a feminist peace organisation, we oppose the claim that more weapons lead to more security. We call for demilitarisation and disarmament, because this is the only way to achieve genuine peace and comprehensive security. Our Board member Margo Okazawa-Rey and our programme and network manager Annemarie Sancar explain why the world is at a crossroads today.