27.02.2023: Ukraine: for a gender-sensitive reconstruction

Our work with women in eastern Ukraine has shown even before the war escalated on 24 February 2022: Violence against women is a military tactic is, writes our programme manager Annemarie Sancar in the latest issue of à propos. Women's experiences must be part of the process of dealing with war crimes.

In the latest issue of KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine à propos, published on the anniversary of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, our network and programme officer Annemarie Sancar explains why women’s experiences must be considered in efforts to deal with war crimes. Otherwise, there can be no sustainable, fair reconstruction and real security in Ukraine, she writes.

She takes the many testimonies of women who have participated in our Women's Peace Tables before and since 24 February 2022 as the basis for her statements. The women, their experiences and insights also form the basis of our work in the new Women's Platform for Peace.

Read the article here.

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