Niger: Souna Hadizatou Diallo

It is imperative that we educate children, and girls in particular, if we want to achieve economic progress in our country.

— Souna Hadizatou Diallo

Souna Hadizatou Diallo (60) was born in Maïné Soroa, lives in Niamey and is the prototype of women’s group members. Her area of work is violence against women and the well-being of women.

Souna Hadizatou Diallo has made women’s associations and non-governmental organizations one of the important pillars of civil society in Niger. Hadizatou always encouraged Niger families to send their children to school and accord peaceful behavior towards all. She informs, makes aware and supports women on the promotion of their rights. She relies on the NGO Saphta which is particularly dynamic in Niger. She has worked in difficult, sometimes very hard conditions with dispossessed people, she has fought against deforestation and the aridity that affects Niger and accelerates the poverty of rural women. Hadizatou works with women who are confronted by insecurity problems and cannot sell their agricultural and pastoral products in the markets. She is the general secretary of the Network of Women Ministers and Parliamentarians of Niger which aims to promote the rights of women and to oppose violence against them. Intimidation by men and the risk in creating awareness did not discourage her as she knew before that in the fight for the promotion of women’s rights nothing is easy, and that the final battle will be won with self-sacrifice. She fights for women’s causes with care and without procrastination.