Mexico: Sara Lovera López

The only fight that is lost is the one that is abandoned.

— Sara Lovera López

Sara Lovera is a journalist, a feminist, and she is Mexican. Raised by single women, she has a Mazahua grandmother (Mazahua is one of the many indigenous peoples in Mexico). “These women are independent; they never work as house servants. They are businesswomen. My grandmother told me that my freedom depends on having my own money and being wise. She did not know how to read or write, but she was wise. She and my mother insisted that I go to school. I never had the opportunity to become anything but an independent woman.”

Sara Lovera (1968) started her professional career in Mexico, the country where she was born, at age 19. She is a journalist. “You think about what you can do to bring about justice. Later, you are going to have to decide what really matters, and what really matters is taking a position and revealing the facts. This is the reason for journalism.” Over the decades, she has demonstrated this point. From 1968 to 1998, she worked as a reporter for several Mexican newspapers, ‘El Día’, ‘El Nacional’, ‘Uno más Uno’, and ‘La Jornada.’ Since 1971, she has been a member of a variety of women's groups. She has lectured at a number of foreign and national universities. She has written essays, proposals and texts for publications of all types on one same subject: the condition of Mexican women–working women, rural women, native women, professional women, housewives, young women, sexual workers, lesbians, journalists, vulnerable women, politicians, homeless girls, mothers. She once read a saying on a wall. It has become her motto: “The only fight that is lost is the one that is abandoned.” She does not abandon the fight. In 1988, Sara, along with a group of journalists, founded the organization Communication and Information of Women (Cimac), a news agency dedicated to reporting on the situation of women. From this base, Sara has denounced the atrocities that the Mexican patriarchate has carried out against women. “A good journalist does not need to be a militant to report the truth. Women in Mexico continue to be pressured, tormented and discriminated against. There are humiliation circles built around women. It does not matter where the barriers are or what they want to do. We must report it.” Sara is a militant, a journalist, and she really reports the truth!

Comunicación e Información de la Mujer (Cimac)