Mexico: Rosario Ibarra de Piedra

Hope never dies among us. We have sown our seeds in darkness. And the harvest of flowers we have gathered are the missing people we were able to find.

— Rosario Ibarra de Piedra

She made herself. Through strong acts and words she refined her personality, accompanied by others like her. With the reins of her life in her hands, Rosario Ibarra, obstinate for justice, built her history and writes about it in letters destined to a missing son. 78 years of life dedicated to activism against impunity, this Mexican woman dreams of a world without nations, nor exploration or persecution.

“A peaceful world is the one where a woman like me should not be famous for being the mother of a missing person. A struggle like this should not even exist.” But this struggle does exist, and Rosario Ibarra, along with many other women and men, has pledged never to abandon it. Her name is respected throughout Mexico for her unwavering loyalty to the cause of justice. “No, I do not get tired. How can we get tired? It is not just any simple thing they have taken away from us. They took away a son, a husband, a sister. These bonds are never broken. Our minimum demand is for the maximum, and the maximum is the minimum. A son or a brother is not negotiable. You can negotiate about a salary or a piece of land, but not about a human life–a human life born from our womb or bound to us by blood, by affection or by affinity and convictions.” From an enormous photo, Rosario Ibarras son, 21 years old at the time, missing for 30 years, smiles at his mother. They arrested him in 1975. She is still looking for him, just as she works together with other women to search for other missing sons and daughters. Seven hunger strikes and hundreds of other actions are part of the personal and collective history of the Eureka Committee, as is their success story: 148 missing people have been found. “I believe that we are going to achieve peace because there are many good people on this planet. We should globalize the good and the faith into people who fight for freedom. To see that frontiers are erased, and to see that there are no differences of race or class–that there is only one Human Race and that we are all citizens of the world.”

Comité Eureka (Committee Eureka)