Human Rights Film Festival: women between war and peace

This war is over. This is a new war.

The Syrian documentary "Under the sky of Damascus" is about a group of young women who want to produce a theatre play that exposes the culture of misogyny and violence against women in their conflict-ridden country. They have to overcome many obstacles: in their own families, in society and within the production team. The film demonstrates what it means for women to fight against structural misogyny and sexism in a country where there is no consensus as to whether the armed conflict is over, whether it is continuing or whether a new one has already begun.

Following the screening, our colleague Karin Widmer and Amal Naser, human rights activist from Syria, will speak in a panel discussion about women's experiences and their options for action in conflict-affected countries. How can women create safe spaces for themselves and what social obstacles do they face? An exchange about gender equality and peace, in a place where it does not exist.

Please note: Scenes of explicit violence, including sexualised violence, are described in the film.


When: Saturday, 6 April 2024, 8.40pm

Where: Kino Riffraff 1, Neugasse 57/63, Zurich

Watch the trailer

Human Rights Film Festival website

The film is in Arabic with English subtitles.

The panel discussion will be in German with simultaneous translation from Arabic to German.

Moderator: Anna Antonakis

Translator: May Elmahdi

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