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Iran: appeal for solidarity

Appeal Iran

Women are both the spark and the driving force behind the wave of protests in Iran that have swept the country since the violent death of Mahsa Amini in a re-education centre for "inappropriate dress" and have led to massive human rights violations by state forces. We stand in solidarity with women's and civil society organisations fighting for the right to self-determination – including in Iran. In addition to solidarity, however, women in Iran also need concrete support. We therefore call on civil society organisations, governments and the international community to back up their expressions of solidarity with women in Iran with concrete measures.

No truth-seeking without the voices of women

Focus: Colombia

The Colombian Truth Commission has carried out exemplary work. Women, marginalised groups and the diaspora were actively involved in the process of finding the truth and coming to terms with the history of the armed conflict. The commission’s mandate has ended, but the peace work continues.