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Pandemic: End violence against women


During the Covid 19 pandemic, violence against women and girls has greatly increased. We condemn violence against women in principle and call on all people, especially decision makers, to stand together to end all forms of violence now and forever.

Statement for 14 June 2023

For the feminist strike, 14 June 2023

As a feminist peace organisation based and rooted in Switzerland, we support the feminist strike and the concerns and demands of those striking. On 14 June and beyond. We do so because gender justice and feminist visions of peace are at the core of our work, both in Switzerland and around the world.

Appeal for peace in Europe


We urge all states, military alliances and intergovernmental organizations to reduce troops and military build-up from 2022. As a feminist peace organization, we are convinced: demilitarization is a central prerequisite for real security for all.

Ukraine: Peace and demilitarisation


For almost two weeks, the war in Ukraine has escalated with the invasion of and air strikes by Russian troops. As feminist peace organizations, we call for the immediate withdrawal of the Russian military and an immediate end to the violence. (Joint appeal with four civil society organizations in Switzerland, German.)