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Hope and inspiration for peace work

Transregional learning exchange in the Philippines

It was a unique exchange that we were able to organise with our partners in the Philippines in December: at various events, two representatives of the Gender Working Group of the Colombian Truth Commission exchanged their experiences with peace activists from the Philippines. Many moments of recognition and understanding emerged at during these exchanges. Our programme managers Andrea Filippi and Karin Widmer were there.

Nepal: Shared pain – shared demands

Two generations at the Women's Peace Table

Eighteen years on, since the signing of the peace agreement, there can still be no talk of peace in Nepal. The lack of political will, patriarchal social norms as well as political instability are hindering its implementation, leading to intergenerational consequences for those affected by the conflict. They want to be recognised as victims of the violence of war and demand the truth. Our colleagues Camille Bernheim and Karin Widmer listened to them at a Women's Peace Table.

Country programmes

With our country programmes, we work on several topics relevant to peace policy topics in conflict-affected regions – flexibly and specific to the context. We expanded the country programmes in 2021 with the aim of a more long-term collaboration with our partners on larger projects that address the issue of security from a feminist perspective.


Women demand security – and peace

War has been raging in eastern Ukraine since 2014; in 2022, Russia expanded its war of aggression to other parts of the country. As early as summer 2021, we launched a pilot programme with women in conflict-affected communities in eastern Ukraine, who have been affected by rampant poverty, social insecurity and gender-based violence for years. Our Ukraine programme gave them the space they needed to work together on strategies for safety in their daily lives and equal participation in peacebuilding. We continue building peace with them even during the war.

Political work

Our advocacy aims to create political impact and achieve a feminist vision of peace. The focus is on the implementation of key human rights instruments that form the basis for a peaceful and gender-just world.