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Valentina Cherevatenko: "We want peace!"

"I had to close my heart and soul to work." Valentina Cherevatenko, Russian PeaceWoman, human rights defender and member of Women's Initiatives for Peace in Donbas(s) describes her despair after the Russian war of aggression began.


The worldwide network Feminists Connecting for Peace forms the core of our work. It grew out of the initiative "1000 Women for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize" and has developed into a unique global community of peace activists. The network offers space for exchange, networking and joint learning as well as a platform to bring feminist peace policy demands to the public.

Ruth Weiss: A life against intolerance and rassism

Interview with PeaceWoman

PeaceWoman Ruth Weiss has dedicated her life to peace and tolerance: as a journalist and anti-apartheid activist in South Africa and as a speaker and author in the fight against anti-Semitism and any form of intolerance and agitation against a faith community. What lessons does she draw from her full life for peacebuilding?

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Through our publications and multimedia products you can learn more about the focal areas of our work, about our projects, programmes and political work, and about the activities of the members of our global network Feminists Connecting for Peace.


From policy briefs and reports to contributions by activists in the Feminists Connecting for Peace network to the biographies of the 1000 PeaceWomen: our publications provide an insight into our political and project work and into the activities in our global network.