Uzbekistan: Rano Yusupova

I give new knowledge to people, and I hope it will help them to defend human rights.

— Rano Yusupova

Rano Yusupova (born in 1960) received her law degree from Tashkent State University and worked as a lawyer for over 15 years, and for the past ten years as a barrister. Rano is well regarded as one of Uzbekistan’s leading human rights advocates—an experience which has been put to great use in the creation of a Human Rights Clinic. Rano has used her extensive knowledge of human rights to train local judges, barristers, and lawyers in over 40 intensive trainings which cover subjects from juvenile justice to domestic implementation of international legal standards.

A lawyer from Tashkent, Rano Yusupova works in the Human Rights Clinic providing legal assistance and counseling to the elderly, students, and the economically disadvantaged. Through her work with the Human Rights Clinic, Rano has trained more than 100 people, in addition to counseling and defending the rights of hundreds. Rano’s students—human rights advocates, lawyers, and barristers—have praised her training skills and seminars: “The legal, theoretical, and practical materials are invaluable. We learned about international standards in the field of human rights, international mechanisms for defending human rights and about the United Nations system.” Rano’s colleagues have noted that “. . . the development of the clinic over the last year often put heavy time demands on Rano. Rano always acted and responded to these demands in a professional and responsible manner, oftentimes going extra steps in assessing the situation and making suggestions for improvements.” Rano has a wide range of experience, dealing with the international and national NGOs and government officials; an experience which has given her the ability to interact with and represent entities at top level negotiations and conferences. Her colleagues say, “. . . she is an asset in the Human Rights Clinic due to her extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of international and domestic human rights law and her professionalism.”

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