Guatemala: Hilda Marina Morales Trujillo

Do not dismay. For the life of the women, not even one step backwards will be taken.”

— Hilda Marina Morales Trujillo

A woman of contrasts. Brave in confronting struggles. Sympathetic. Wise. Serene, as she meditates on what to do. Of solid principles and strong roots. An Ambassador of Conscience. Gentle like the breeze. Persistent. Disapproving of exaggeration. A life full of obstacles in the search for justice. 61 years of hard work against the current tide. Hilda Marina Morales Trujillo, Guatemalan, dreams of a world with equal opportunities for women and men.

A skilled coordinator and negotiator in her search for fairness. She fights with the law in her hands. Lawyer, mother, woman of high ideals, defender of human rights, deep, incorruptible. For Hilda Marina Morales Trujillo (61), peace is a daily task. “Women began to construct peace through continuous dialogue. It can be reached through development and will be achieved, not when it is merely the letter of the law, but when women and men actually have the same opportunities.” She dreams of a world where problems are solved through dialogue, where “women can walk safely on the streets, without the fear of being robbed, raped or murdered,” where public policies “will include provisions for young people, where women will be supported with more employment opportunities, with access to justice, training, the right to learn to write and read, and the right to have an education.” Her murdered brother, all the ‘missing’ university students and a friend from her adolescence, who was tortured: all of them still live inside her. Her words come slowly. “Violence is the responsibility of the State. It is necessary to pursue the campaign so that no more women will be murdered. We must have the courage to denunciate. We must bring life to the ideal of justice.”