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Country programmes

With our country programmes, we work on several topics relevant to peace policy topics in conflict-affected regions – flexibly and specific to the context. We expanded the country programmes in 2021 with the aim of a more long-term collaboration with our partners on larger projects that address the issue of security from a feminist perspective.

Ukraine: The war's impact on women and men in the region

Article by peace activist Olga Karatch

The war in Ukraine has led to the increasing celebration of toxic masculinity in the region. As a result, male identity is experiencing a serious crisis that affects a large number of men and women, writes Belarusian peace activist Olga Karatch in her article in the 2. edition of the "Feminists Connecting for Peace" magazine. She lists five ways to counter these patriarchal narratives.

Statement for 14 June 2023

For the feminist strike, 14 June 2023

As a feminist peace organisation based and rooted in Switzerland, we support the feminist strike and the concerns and demands of those striking. On 14 June and beyond. We do so because gender justice and feminist visions of peace are at the core of our work, both in Switzerland and around the world.