We are the growing international network for women's participation in peacebuilding.

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Open letter to the Federal Council

Together with 14 other organisations, we have sent an open letter to the Federal Council criticising the FDFA's decision to suspend funding to eleven partner organisations in Israel and Palestine without any apparent basis. This decision damages Switzerland's reputation and that of the affected NGOs.

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KOFF à propos: Article: Militarization and the search for a feminist peace policy

UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on "Women, Peace and Security" is considered a milestone, but our work to implement the resolution reveals several points of criticism. Read more about the search for a truly feminist peace policy in the article by our programme manager Annemarie Sancar in KOFF's magazine à propos.

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Job Vacancies

Would you like to join us in shaping feminist peace work and making a difference for women in peace processes?To complement our team in Bern, we are looking for a Network and Advocacy programme manager (70-100%) to support our growing global network and our political work to start immediately or as soon as possible.<br>

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Interview with Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold: "Peacebuilding is political work"

Our founder and president Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold talks about her life and her commitment to women's peace work in an interview with the Croatian media platform Phralipen.

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On the topic of "security": "Feminists Connecting for Peace" magazine 2

The second issue focuses on the topic of "security". How does a feminist understanding of security contradict a military understanding of security? Read the nine contributions from our network.

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Feminist peace work with Feminist Peace Inititiatives

With the instrument Feminist Peace Initiatives we finance projects that emerge in our network. Events organised by us or our partners provide the impetus from which new ideas emerge and are passed on. This is also part of feminist peace work.

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Our topics

Feminist peace policy

Peace is more than the absence of war. Patriarchal power relations, structural violence and physical or psychological violence against women block the path to lasting peace. This is why we engage in peacebuilding with a feminist, intersectional perspective. And because we have a comprehensive understanding of peace.

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Women, Peace and Security

Women's rights are human rights. We work to ensure that core human rights standards are respected in conflict-affected regions too. Our work is based on the UN’s "Women, Peace and Security" agenda.

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Peace processes

Women's access to peace and conflict transformation processes is severely limited. However, peace processes offer critical windows of opportunity for the recognition of women's rights and for the elimination of discriminatory social structures and gender norms. Women and marginalised groups must therefore play an active role in peace processes.

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Gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is one of the most common human rights violations worldwide. Particularly in conflict-affected contexts, violence against women increases in all its forms. Gender-based violence is a major obstacle to gender justice and lasting peace.

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Militarisation means more than "just" spending on armed forces: this spending is the consequence of a security policy geared towards war. As a feminist peace organisation, we oppose the claim that more weapons lead to more security. We demand demilitarisation and disarmament because that is the only way to achieve genuine peace and comprehensive security.

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